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If you love burgers then the place to head to in May, June and July is the Hard Rock Cafe on Pattaya Beach Road.

Starting the 2nd May 2018 the Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour returns with a vengeance. This culinary world tour is ready one again to take diner’s taste buds into overload as it is a limited time offer of a chance to eat their Hard Rock Legendary Burgers.

2018 will see nine new burgers created by the Hard Rock culinary team that will represent the countries that they represent. It will be a fantastic meat feast of superb tastes and culinary experiences.

May 2018

May will see a cornucopia of four burgers step up to the plate representing Mumbai India, London England, Buenos Aires Argentina and New Orleans America.

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger – representing India this is a seasoned chicken patty with fresh mint mayo, Monterey jack cheese and crisp cucumber planks topped with iceberg lettuce served with seasoned fries and mint mayo for dipping.

English Breakfast Burger – a classic burger patty topped with sliced ham, breakfast sausage, a fresh-cracked egg, grilled Portobello mushroom, fresh arugula and tomato served with seasoned fries.

Tango Salsa Burger – an Argentina inspired burger featuring andouille sausage, salsa criolla, garlic aioli, Monterey jack cheese, fresh arugula and a fried egg to top off the burger served with seasoned fries.

Jambalaya Burger – representing New Orleans, this big easy burger features a spiced-up burger patty fixed with Cajun mayo, pickles, andouille sausage, Pepper Jack cheese and a jammin’ jambalaya rice cake served with seasoned fries.

June 2018

After a gut busting May with some outstanding competitors, June offers even more mega burgers to titillate the palette.

Aussie Burger – a burger piled high like the Sydney Harbour bridge, topped with caramelized onions, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg with beetroot, lettuce and tomato served with seasoned fries.

Ole Burger – a Spanish delight consisting of a fury of red peppered Romesco sauce, roasted vegetables, with goat cheese crumbles and arugula, dancing on a signature burger patty and between a toasted bun served with seasoned fries.

Schnitzel Burger – from Cologne in Germany this German Legendary features breaded schnitzel topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and sauerkraut with Dijon mustard served on a warm pretzel bun alongside seasoned fries and Dijon mustard sauce for dipping.

Whisky Bacon Burger – inspired from Brussels a whiskey marinated burger patty, stacked with bacon slices, crispy fried red onion, melted cheddar and jack cheeses, garlic aioli, sliced tomato and arugula served with seasoned fries.

July 2018

July sees the return of the popular English Breakfast Burger, Schnitzel Burger, Tango Salsa Burger and one new addition:

Riviera Burger – from Nice a lovely masterpiece made of savory olive tapenade and chipotle flavors, marinated tomato, melty goat cheese, fresh greens and crisp potato rosti sitting perfectly atop a classic burger patty served with seasoned fries.

All the burgers are made from high quality fresh ingredients and include Hard Rock’s Savory Artisan french fries.