Pattaya Events – About Page

Pattaya Events does what it says on the can, we are here to focus what is occurring in the fun capital of Thailand.

We concentrate on the happening events, concerts, performances, upcoming tours, sporting occasions, festivals, and everything and anything in the world of entertainment.

Pattaya is littered with venues and unlike many cities, there is plenty going on every night and not just at the weekend.

Most tourists head straight for Walking Street for their evening’s entertainment, now that is not a bad place to start but it is just the tip of Pattaya’s entertainment iceberg.

Entertainment places and venues are strewn all over the city and to get to know what is on and where, Pattaya Events is the place to find out.

If you prefer Broadway type shows, live music, traditional Thai entertainment, banging EDM clubs, happening pubs, risque revue shows, top restaurants, beach parties, music festivals, chic shopping and even more then we will spill the beans and let you know what’s on.
If you are heading to Pattaya for one of the big annual celebrations, such as Songkran, the International Firework festival or Count Down then we can advise the best vantage places to go, see and enjoy the fun.
Pattaya has rapidly become famous in recent years as THE venue to host international music festivals. As well as big name events such as the MAYA Music Festival, that moved from Bangkok in favour of Pattaya City, other famous festivals are flocking to the city.
Pattaya Events aim to keep our fingers well and truly on the beating pulse of the City’s entertainment heart, stay with us and you will never miss a thing.