The second AirRace1 World Cup took place on 17th of November 2017 and was sponsored by Chang. The event lit up U-Tapao Airport and made Thailand the first Asian nation that was allowed to hold the event, and was a great privilege for Pattaya.

Many air enthusiasts and F1 fans delighted in the spectacular show as it is pure motorsport at its very fastest. It is a test of pilot skill just like F1, and is loosely based on the motor sport.

The planes travel at over 450 kph all at the same time on a small one and a half kilometer circuit in length. The first plane over the winning line wins the fastest motorsport on Earth.

The Event

The race takes place over eight laps of the 5 kilometer oval course above U-Tapao’s runway. The planes competing are known as formula one airplanes, and their only purpose is to race.

Each race is highly competitive but the atmosphere is convivial and friendly which attracts a great crowd. To enable this the most strict standards are adhered to so safety is paramount.

All pilots must be fully qualified to race and they come from many different countries around the world, their experience in flying ensures a safe event. The pilots compete in an open competition for males and females.

The event is sanctioned by the Formula Air Associations of the International Formula 1 Pylon Air Racing, Royal Aero Club Formula Air Racing Association, and Association Des Pilotes D’Avions De Formules.

The Teams

The teams in 2017 included, Mapoles Air Racing, Sleeper, Barksdale Air Racing, Tumbleweed, Fast & Easy, Siam Air Racing, Jetlaw, No Strings Attached, Flyboyz, Last Lap, Outlaw, Quadnickel, Fiesty, SSR Racing, GB Air Racing, Outrageous and the Spirit of Turin.

U-Tapao Airport

U-Tapao is a large Royal Thai Navy Air Base, which was formerly a US Air Base. Recently there has been vast developments at U-Tapao which has also been called as Pattaya Airport.

A new passenger terminal has been opened to take advantage of the increasing number of domestic and international commercial flights by carriers such as Air Asia.

With the high speed rail-link looming in the planning stages between Bangkok and Pattaya, U-Tapao is destined to become Bangkok’s third airport. And will make it much quicker for tourists who just want to visit the Eastern Seaboard.

AirRace1 was partnered with the Sports Authority of Thailand to host the event, and this fabulous sporting occasion has become yet another top quality event on the Pattaya events calendar.

The AirRace1 is hugely anticipated for 2018, and again will bring an influx of visitors to the seaside town. If you are traveling to Pattaya in the near future and wish to be updated on all the happening events that are coming up then contact us, or keep abreast of our regularly updated blog pages.