Pattaya Events is all about keeping abreast with the big events and happenings in Pattaya, so as a visitor or a resident you know instantly what is on and where in this great entertainment city.

During May between 4th and the 8th lovers of seafood can delight in the Amazing Pattaya Seafood Festival. Organised by the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organisation, Pattaya City, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Pattaya Tourism Business Operators Association.

All the fun takes place on Pattaya Beach where over 200 local seafood restaurants and businesses will gather to celebrate everything that is good about seafood. The highlight of the 2018 event will be Chef May.

There will be plenty of booths and food trucks displaying their versions of seafood, where visitors can enjoy cordon bleu food served by top seafood chefs.

At the center of it all is the Live Concert stage that each evening will play host to performances from star names of Thai music.

This year luminaries from the Thai pop world include Lula, Atom, and Mild.

Live Performances

The 2018 Amazing Pattaya Seafood Festival has a lineup of artists performing that is as strong as it possibly be. On Friday 4th May popular band Mild will be playing live, on Saturday night the amazing Lula takes the stage and on Sunday the 6th will be Atom.


Hailing from Chiang Mai, Mild have been making music since 2003 and came to fame by winning the Panasonic Star Award.

Their first album also named Mild followed the same year and since then they have a loyal following in Thailand. Their music is a fusion of jazz and R&B and their style is easy to listen to and highly entertaining.

Nemesis is one of their most popular songs along with Love Sick and Why Care. The six piece band will certainly be rocking Pattaya on Sunday night.


One of the biggest female stars of the Thai pop scene is Lula and she will be headlining on Saturday night. Lula started her career with the popular band 2Become1 but became known as a solo artists when she made Bossa Blossom.

Lula does not really have one style, she is just as happy singing jazz as she is singing pop, swing, reggae and even funk. Hits such as Bimbo, Time won’t Help, Black Sea, Please Stay Longer, have catapulted Lula to the top of the charts in Thailand and she has a loyal fan base.


Atom Chanagun closes the live music at the Amazing Pattaya Seafood Festival on Sunday night and is bound to play his three hit songs Please, Aow and Dust. This modern and highly popular Thai artist has received ten million views of each of his singles on YouTube.

Atom’s unique voice has kept him high in the Thai artist rankings for a number of years, and his live performance in Pattaya will be eagerly anticipated.

The Amazing Pattaya Seafood Festival not only brings the best produce and chefs to Pattaya but also brings some of the top artists that are currently making music in the Kingdom.