The King’s Cup

The King’s Cup is held annually in December on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, the 2017 event is sponsored by Thai Airways and is officially titled the Jet Ski World Cup 2017.

It will be competed this year from Thurs 7th December and will end on Sunday 10th of December. This is one of the greatest water sports events in Asia and is possibly the biggest Jet Ski tournament in the world.

The Venue

The venue could not be better, Jomtien beach plays host to the impressive 1,500 seat stands and the competition takes place in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

From the brilliant viewing positions in the gallery, Coral Island is clearly defined as well as some of the other beautiful jewels in the ocean. It is a spectacular backdrop for such an exciting competition.

Jomtien beach is 3km long, and its long uninterrupted sands stretch out almost as far as the eye can see. The newly refurbished promenade is a delight to stroll upon, as you pass many restaurants, tourist shops and lively bars along the way.

It is the most perfect location for families to come and witness all the action of the Jet Skis.

The Competition

Many of the competitors for the King’s Cup are from international destinations from all around the globe, many Japanese and Korean riders descend upon Jomtien to show their skills on the water. But there are also European and American contestants also.

The pro Riders will go head to head in the professional categories such as: the Pro Ski, Pro Sport, Pro GP, Pro Roundabout and finally the Pro Freestyle which is the most exciting of all.

Confirmed competitors that will be attending the 2017 event are: Jeremy Poret from France, Ekachon Kingchanalit from Thailand, Gyorgy Kasza from Hungary, Taiji Yamamoto from Japan and Chaowalit Kuajaroon from Thailand. All five riders were world champions from 2016, and trying to regain their crowns.

The Entertainment

As well as all the fantastic water sports activities, the event also hosts many entertainment events such as the International Bikini Contest, EDM music, photo competitions and many exhibitions.

It is hardly surprising that the Thai Airways Jet Ski World Cup 2017 has once again decided to hold their prestigious competition in Pattaya. Pattaya is world renowned for its fantastic collection of water sports that are available in the warm waters that surround it.

Also the high standard and abundance of hotels, restaurants, nightlife, golf courses and just about every amenity known to man, offers so much to Jet Ski fans coming to see their favourite sport.

If you happen to be in Thailand during these dates, why not pop along to Jomtien Beach in Pattaya and go and see some spectacular fun and expert riders displaying their skill out on the water.

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