Here at Pattaya Events we keep all our readers up to date on the best events and happenings that are occuring in Pattaya City and the surrounding area. Obviously this also includes national events and events of great importance to the Thai people.

On March the 1st 2018 one of the most important religious days is happening in Thailand, namely Makha Bucha day.

Makha Bucha Day

This Buddhist religious day celebrates the miraculous event when over one thousand disciples of Buddha received a teaching called The Ovadhapatimokha which are three fundamental principles of the buddhist faith: not to do evil, do good, and to cleanse your mind of impure thoughts.

How Pattaya Celebrates

Firstly be prepared to expect all banks and government building to be closed, there will be plenty of other local businesses that will also not be open as many Thai’s will be paying respect at local temples.

Many bars will be closed and there will be a general alcohol ban apart from international hotels and some restaurants.

Thailand is a devout Buddhist country and thousands of Thai’s in Pattaya will be visiting the temples and wats in the town to perform their own homage and to offer up prayers.

This is the first of four highly significant Buddhist celebration days and making merit is one of the most important things for Thai’s to do.

Things for Tourists to Keep in Mind

Being a guest in Thailand there should be certain things to be mindful of on Makha Bucha Day. The first is obeying the alcohol ban, if you wish to drink in your hotel then be discreet and courteous.

If you are going to join in on the celebrations then dress appropriately and always take your shoes off and also remove hats and sunglasses. If you enter the temple sit crossed legged, do not have your feet facing forward as this is impolite and disrespectful. If in doubt follow what the Thai’s are doing and you won’t be far wrong.

How is Makha Bucha Day Celebrated

The Thai people do a number of things to show their respect which could include:

  • Going to the temple and making merit
  • Keeping the five precepts including the not drinking of alcohol
  • Offering food to monks
  • Observing the eight precepts, which includes staying in the temple, wearing white robes, practice meditation for a number of days
  • Joining an evening candlelight procession around the temple

The candlelight procession is very moving and you will be witnessing something that is very different to European religious occasions. The monks moving gracefully in their ochre colored robes whilst rhythmically chanting and holding candles aloft is a sight to behold.

This event is highly popular so the advice is to get to the temple early and make sure you get a good seat to observe the spectacular event.

Makha Bucha Day gives the visitor a chance to immerse themselves in the culture of Thailand, and to celebrate with the local people something that is highly significant in the way they live their lives.

If you make the effort it will be a highly rewarding day and something that will help you understand your hosts far better.