Pattaya Events covers everything that is happening in this buzzing city, and around Christmas and New Year people come from all over the world to celebrate the holiday season.

In particular, Pattaya’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are legendary, and countdown parties are exploding all over the city. The major resort hotels offer some great deals on countdown parties, and down at Pattaya and Jomtien beaches fireworks will be set off all along the respective beach roads.

Spending the holiday season in a foreign country adds excitement to it all, and it is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. In Thailand, Pattaya is one of the favourite destinations for tourists to celebrate the New Year and have fun.

NYE Celebrations

Christmas really starts in Pattaya when the traditional tree is lit outside Central Festival, and it is considered to be one of the most significant in the whole of Thailand. This ceremonial illumination is followed by a fireworks display and the first of several concerts on the stage at Bali Hai.

Beach Road and Bali Hai are where most of the free celebrations take place, live bands will be featured at Bali Hai which come from all over Asia. The celebrations climax with a huge firework display over Pattaya Bay.

Bali Hai

The celebrations at Bali Hai pier are totally free, and appearing will be well known Thai bands together with specially invited other guests from Korea and others parts of Asia. The city council of Pattaya goes overboard to provide a great spectacle and the bars, restaurants, and hotels all benefit from the influx of tourists.

Pattaya Beach Road

Various individual New Year parties will be held all over Pattaya Beach Road, and the promenade will be full of beach vendors selling food and drink to party revelers. A good way to enjoy the night is to base yourself in one of the beach bars, but at the appointed hour go and celebrate by the ocean.

Walking Street

If you fancy a really wild night of partying then there is no better place than the infamous Walking Street. The parties from all the individual bars and clubs spill out on to the street for one big Mardi Gras.

Things here will go on till the dawn, and many people come down to Walking Street after celebrating countdown elsewhere. Expect getting to and from Walking Street to be a tad difficult, but that is the same everywhere on New Year’s Eve.

If you want a raucous evening to celebrate letting in the New Year then Pattaya is just the place, but that is not to say there are more sophisticated and gentile parties to attend that are being held all over the city.