Pattaya Bike Week

When you think of Pattaya your first association would not be one of motorcycles. Idyllic beaches, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, beachside bars with colourful cocktails.

However, one of the most successful events annually held in the seaside resort is the Pattaya Burapa Bike Week.

It is a huge event that brings bikers together from all across Thailand, southeast Asia and even further afield. It is held every year around mid-February and it raises and contributes large amounts of money for local and international charities.

It is time for local and tourist bikers to descend on Pattaya and come together and showcase their bikes. Bike Week is filled with music and food and has a carnival atmosphere with many concerts taking place across the city. Pattaya Bike Week often gets busy, loud, exciting, electric but always remains fun.

The 2017 Event

This famous event will take place on the 17th and 18th of February in 2017 and is looking bigger and brasher than ever before. Although the official dates are only two days, the event spreads over a week. With many live appearances and concerts building up to the weekend.

This most popular and attended event is not only enjoyed by bikers but also by locals and tourists who enjoy the nightly entertainment and gazing at the incredible display of bikes on show.

Many of the bikers attending like to show off associated apparel and clothing, everything from leather jackets, bandanas, wristbands, chains and other accessories.

The local tattoo artists of the city are booked up by a long line of bikers wishing to add to their body adornments.

Pattaya Bike Week Inspiration

The Pattaya Bike Week began in 1997, and was an immediate hit across all of Thailand, and it has proved a catalyst for towns like Hua Hin, Krabi, Phuket and Bangkok to follow suit.

In 2016 an estimated 50,000 bikers came to the seaside resort from all over Thailand, Australia, America and Europe. Asian countries were also well represented with bikers attending from, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. The event has been proven to have formed and cemented friendships for strangers that had previously never met before.


A terrific byproduct of the Pattaya Bike Week has been the money collected for charities. Books have been bought for children, and money to help orphanages and schools, equipment supplied for disabled kids and other medical care provided.

Rock Music

This huge event also focuses on rock music. There are concert stages where live bands perform who have travelled from all over the world. During the festival, live concerts continue all day long.

And to satisfy and nourish the hungry festival goers, there are many food stalls serving everything from delicious Thai snacks, to fried chicken, kebabs and other fast food delicacies.

Also during the festivities you can find firework displays, dancers, models, stunt shows and of course some of the best motorcycles in Asia.

The Pattaya Bike Week is not just for motorcycle enthusiasts, there is so much going on that young or old, families or solo’s can have just as much fun as anybody else.