Held annually the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is one of the best free events of its kind in southeast Asia. It is definitely the largest regular firework event in Thailand and takes place on Pattaya Beach.

First held in 2011 this event was born for two purposes, firstly Pattaya City Council wanted to stage something extravagant to celebrate the King’s Birthday, and secondly to bring one more huge attraction to the city for the benefit of the tourist trade and for the delight of its citizens.

The festival takes place either in late November or early December, whatever is nearest and convenient to the 5th December the King’s Birthday.

One of the beauties of the festival is that it is actually a competition, and so the competitors are trying to outdo each other in the scale and technical difficulty of the displays. The competitors in question are from different countries, hence the official name “The International Firework Festival”.



Completely Free Event!

The second beauty is that the event is completely free for all and everybody to attend. Over the two day event normally around 100,000 spectators cram every available viewpoint to witness the sky above the Gulf of Thailand light up with the most spectacular man-made pyrotechnic show.

The festival’s popularity is so great all traffic to Beach Road is blocked, and many punters arrive hours before the official start time at 9pm.

The atmosphere is carnival, excited children are led by the hand by their parents to either sit on the beach or perch on precarious viewpoints. Food and drink vendors line the 3km long road selling delicious Thai street food, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Bars and restaurants ensure that as many tables and chairs are available for their patrons, and handicraft / souvenir stalls stay open late.

In between displays, there are usually short performances of live music from local bands and artists keeping the party spirit buoyant and alive.

Whether your plan is to camp out and picnic on the sand, stroll along the beachfront footpath or just stay glued to the many beer bar stools, you are bound to have a thrilling evening. Take into consideration other great possible viewing specs, including the hill up from Bali Hai to Pratumnak.

The Pattaya International Firework Festival is an extravaganza of colour and noise, both the sky and the atmosphere are electric and it is an evening’s entertainment seldom offered for free.

It is highly commendable that Pattaya City Council promote this event for the benefit of the residents. Thai and Farang, old and young, rich and poor are all welcome to come and enjoy the fun together and above all marvel at the spectacular displays.

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