2019 heralds the return of the ever popular Pattaya Music Festival, the dates have been confirmed as the 15th and 16th March 2019 and the venue as ever will be Pattaya Beach Road.

The Pattaya Music Festival has not been held for the last couple of years but 2019 it is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Pattaya City Hall must be applauded for bringing back such a favourite event, and local Pattaya businesses will certainly benefit with the influx of music fans coming to the city.

Pattaya Events are delighted to bring this news to our readers and thoroughly recommend this event to any visitor to the city during these dates.

The 2016 Pattaya Music Festival

The last time the music festival took place was in 2016, and there were three open air stages erected on and around Beach Road, each one offering a different genre of music, even a Reggae Stage was an option. The whole festival was also featured live on TV and Pattaya’s exposure as the entertainment capital of Thailand could be seen by all.

The atmosphere was electric all weekend as the free party exuded camaraderie and friendship all over town, it turned out as it was billed “A red ribbon event to highlight the diversity of Pattaya and the ASEAN Community”

A Free Time For All

Unlike many similar events in the world, The Pattaya Music Festival is not a vehicle to fleece people attending. The whole event is free, if you want to buy some food or a beer then local street vendors will be happy to oblige and normal everyday prices.

In 2016 the lineup of performers included; Lemuseen, Big Ass, Body Slam, Labanoon, Paradox, DJ Soli / Rania, SDF and Pang Nakarin.

In some respects the Pattaya Music Festival is a little like Songkran but without the water of course. Streams of festival goers stroll along Beach Road from one venue to another, grazing on food and beer as they look for their favourite artists to have a boogie to.

An International Lineup

Of course there are top acts from Thailand that feature at the festival, but artists are not just restricted to the kingdom. Many bands and DJ’s come from all over Asia including Korea, and Japan. But occasionally top artists from further afield also attend making this festival a truly international event.

Pattaya is an extraordinary multicultural place anyway, but it is great to see visitors from all over the world with one common interest coming together, and that is music.

City Hall closes the entire Beach Road to road traffic to add to the enjoyment and safety of the festival goers. The local bars and restaurants burst at the seams with extra diners and revellers and the local hotels see their rooms sell out.

The sound advice if you happen to be in Pattaya in March is to get yourself down to Beach Road and enjoy a free party atmosphere and a great time.