Pattaya Events is your local guide to what is happening in and around the great entertainment capital of Thailand, and in this blog we focus on one of the great music events of the Thai calendar, the Pattaya International Music Festival.

Pattaya International Music Festival

One of the highlights of the Thai music calendar is the annual Pattaya Music Festival which is one of the biggest international beach festivals in Asia. This fun festival brings many acts from all over Thailand as well as selected Korean, and other Asian bands to make up the lineup.

Music fans can expect a wide spectrum of music including EDM, pop, rock, hip-hop, reggae and good old R&B. In past years there have been as many as one hundred bands appearing at the festival and over a hundred thousand music lovers attend.

The Venue

Everything happens on Beach Road Pattaya, on three separate stages dotted along its 3 kilometer length. The main stage is located at the Bali Hai end of the road and the other two stages feature different genres of music and in the past one has been a reggae stage.

The Artists

The Pattaya International Music Festival has always had a strong lineup over the three days. In 2016 the performers included, Lemuseen, Big Ass, Body Slam, Labanoon, Paradox, DJ Soli / Rania, SDF and Pang Nakarin.

As well as top EDM DJ’s spinning tunes to keep the massive crowds entertained in between acts.

The Atmosphere

In many respects the three day festival is a bit like Songkran, Pattaya Beach Road is closed to traffic and linking the three stages are many food and drink vendors stalls.

The atmosphere is one big party and hardly surprising as the whole event is completely free. Pattaya City Hall have the thanks for that, they organise and set up the whole event that brings thousands of tourists flocking to the city.

Hotels and restaurants are full every night and the usual music venues around town are buzzing before and after each night.

Pattaya is an extraordinary multicultural place anyway, but it is great to see visitors from all over the world with one common interest coming together, and that is music.

City Hall has billed Pattaya International Music Festival as “A red ribbon event to highlight the diversity of Pattaya and the ASEAN Community” and there is no doubt the festival does exactly that.

During the length of the festival national TV screens all the best of the action so the whole country can enjoy the big party that is going on in their favourite beach resort.

No other place in Thailand could cater for such a festival, the many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, music venues, theatres and cabaret shows all cater for the excess amount of tourists and Pattaya is absolutely electric.

If you are planning a visit to Pattaya then March can often be a great time to come, that is if you like music and to party.