Pattaya Events concerns itself with the many great events that are being hosted in the entertainment capital of Thailand. Pattaya is also home to a great music culture, you can find every manner of live band playing every night in the bars and clubs of the seaside resort, each playing whatever genre of music they love.

Pattaya hosts giant music festivals such as the International Music Festival, MAYA, and numerous other massive concerts. And in this blog, we look at one of the very best events of its kind in the city, Souled Out.

Souled Out

Souled Out is a very specialized evening’s entertainment that is hosted a couple of times a year. Its roots go back for almost ten years and since its inception, it has been truly been sold out every time it is held.

In the beginning, the music format was strictly Northern, it has somewhat changed a little to encompass a wider soul demand from the ever-expanding number of punters. Nowadays don’t be surprised to hear Motown, Philly and some Modern Soul early on in the evening before the real stuff begins.

Souled Out moves from location to location, basically anywhere the organizers can get the best deal. This may seem on the face of it very base but there is a purpose in saving as much money as possible.

Souled Out Intentions

Souled Out is all about bringing soul music to starved punters in Pattaya. Although Pattaya is a huge music capital of Thailand, soul music is not regularly featured in venues across the city.

Therefore when an event likes this happens it is an instant sell out. And soul fans of all ages congregate to celebrate artists that they love. But the enjoyment of the punters is a by-product of the event, the real purpose is to raise money for local charities and causes.

The Mercy Centre Pattaya was the first beneficiary of the soul fraternity’s first outing and many more would follow as the event was destined for bigger and better things. Other charities such as; The Melissa Cosgrove Foundation, Hand to Hand and Take Care Kids have all benefited from people attending these evenings and dancing to the music they love – with a liberal sprinkling of talc on the floor – of course!

Value for Money

The tireless organizers work hard at getting the best deal they can from venue owners and drinks suppliers as that way they can pass the benefits on both to the punters and raise as much money as they can for their charity.

Therefore for the last few years entrance to the event is a mere 500 baht, and this includes a great DJ lineup plus free-flow drinks for a set time. It is one of the great charity events in the city and gives a lot of soul music lovers a night of their favorite music.