Many tourists come to Pattaya for the glorious beaches and of course the climate. But Pattaya offers much more than just this, it has a wealth of attractions and amenities that simply amaze visitors on their first time.

Pattaya Events aims to keep visitors and residents appraised of all the new events and happenings going on in this great seaside resort. And in this blog we see the addition to the fantastic array of shopping malls in Pattaya, in October 2018 the brand new Terminal21 opens its doors.


Opening in Pattaya this October 2018 is the third branch of the prestigious Terminal21, already highly successful in Bangkok and Korat this huge shopping mall opens a brand new super mall just off Beach Road in Central Pattaya.

Terminal21 Pattaya follows the same successful recipe than in its other Thailand locations, basically it designed to be a market street from six major cities and places from around the world that they call Megapolises. All connected with interesting and intriguing designs including the longest escalator in Thailand.

These Megapolises take the visitor to different foreign lands on each floor, each is dedicated to a theme and the goods on sale will reflect that theme.

The overall theme of the mall is a modern airport, and Terminal21 has its own 250m runway complete with lifesize jet. Just to add to the fun there is also a simulated beach.

The Megapolises

The Megapolises all live on their own separate floors and offer goods that reflect which nation they come from:

  • The Ground Floor – When you enter Terminal21 you enter Paris, and like all stylish stores in Paris there are luxury goods, and fashion brands. Also the array of cosmetics reminds you of a high class Parisian department store.
  • The Mezzanine – The next floor up features Swinging London, which features great sports brands along with street clothing and a supermarket.
  • The First Floor – Taking the escalator up one stop, you travel to Italy, and if you are looking for mobile phones and electronic gadgets this is the floor for you. There is also an array of banks plus health and beauty shops.
  • Second Floor – Travel to Japan, where a plethora of urbanista-type stores are waiting for you.
  • Third Floor – Welcome to the USA and San Francisco, this floor offers many restaurants together with a large food court.
  • Fourth Floor – Its pleasure time in Hollywood, a large games zone can be found along with a state-of-the-art cinema complex.

Facts and Figures

The estimated cost of the project will exceed seven thousand, five hundred million baht. With a gross leasable area of forty five thousand square meters. Overall Terminal21 occupies one hundred and eighty thousand square meters of land.

There is no doubt that this prestigious development will add to the number of tourists that want to come to Pattaya. It will also offer more great amenities to the residents that live in Pattaya in addition to those that already exist.